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Georgia Licensure

Georgia remains one of only a few states that do not license medical imaging professionals, and our current state regulations (a minimum of six hours of radiation safety training) are definitely inadequate and not even being enforced due to budget cuts.  The main issue is patient safety.  Patients assume that anyone given the responsibility of performing a medical imaging procedure is properly trained; however, there are still many offices, urgent care centers, pain clinics, and other areas that employ untrained or undertrained personnel to operate x-ray, fluoroscopy, and advanced imaging modalities. 


The GSRT is diligently working towards resolving this issue.  James Reaves, BS, RT(R)(MR)(CT), our Legislative Chairman, has become a "force to reckon with".  He is working with the ASRT, ARRT, GRS, Lobbyists and other state Societies in the pursuit for licensure! 



     * January 13, 2020...Rebecca Ryles ( Lobbyist for the GSRT) took our bill to the Georgia Legislative Council.

     *  January 22, 2020...Rebecca Ryles reported that she introduced our bill. She stated that there was a lot of interest in sponsoring our bill.

     *  January 28, 2020...Dr. Segovis (the GRS liaison to the GSRT) commented that it looked like a lot of effort had been put forth...offered help if  needed.  This is wonderful support from the Georgia Radiological Society.

      *  Rebecca Ryles discussed what path our bill would take this year. First our bill would go have final language developed before being reviewed by Georgia Occupational Regulation Review Council (GORRC) between spring and January of next year. GORRC will then make a decision for or against our bill.

      *  February, 2020...Christine Lung ( ASRT ) provided an updated bill (language/more concise) for review.

      *  February 19, 2020...Our Bill is being drafted by the Legislative Council with a purpose of GORRC  review.  Sharon Cooper, who is the Chair of Health and Human Services has agreed to sponsor our Bill! 

More Updates to Come!



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