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The GSRT Goes Hollywood!

One of the purposes of the Society is to elevate the quality of patient care.  A key factor in accomplishing this is by education...not just education of the technologist, but the education of the patient as well.  So, how do you reach out to those potential patients?  The GSRT Board and its members set out to find a way. 

First, a slogan contest!  Members were asked to submit their ideas for a slogan. A slogan that in one phrase, could communicate a sense of pride and professionalism within our Society.  "Registered Radiographers Care...One Image at a Time", submitted by Martha Dollar, was our contest winner. 

Next, what to do with the slogan?  Well, place it on a billboard, of course!  Great idea, but viewing limitations, locations and costs created a problem.  So, the committee investigated the possibility of placing an advertisement at a movie theatre...and the next thing you know is "Lights, Camera...the GSRT Takes Action!" 

Throughout this summer, movie goers at the Regal Avalon 12 and the AMC Avenue Forsyth 12 will view (during the First Look section) an advertisement from the GSRT.  This will play in every theatre, before every showing...just think of how many people will see this ad! 

The GSRT Board hopes you have a chance to go to the movies and not only enjoy the "Featured Presentation", but experience a sense of pride when you see our logo and message on the big screen.  The advertisement runs through the end of August.









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