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This is an updated listing of available Imaging Programs in Georgia.  The list is arranged by modality.  To view specific information on the programs please visit their WEB sites.

Georgia JRCERT Accredited Programs

Radiography Programs

Albany State University – West Campus                          Kelley A. Castro

Albany Technical College                                                 Lisa Stephens

Athens Technical College                                                 Stuart Frew

Atlanta Technical College                                                 Deb Kendall

Augusta Technical College                                               Kristie Searcy

Central GA Technical college – Macon Campus              Jennifer Zeager

Central GA Technical College – Warner Robbins             Connie Young

Chattahoochee Technical College – N. Metro Campus    Jamie Bailey

Coastal Pines Technical College                                       Donna Yeomans

College of Coastal GA                                                       Tina Spaulding

Columbus Technical College                                             Kimberly D. Whitaker

Dalton State College                                                          Susan West

Dekalb Medical                                                                  Lashaun (Shaun) Taylor

Emory University                                                               Ted Brzinski

GA Northwestern Technical College                                 Susan Wheat

GA Southern University – Armstrong Campus                  Sharon Gilliard-Smith

Grady Memorial Hospital/Grady Health System                Elizabeth (Betsy) Kerr

Gwinnett Technical College                                               Jennifer Turner

Lanier Technical College                                                   Robert Wells

Oconee Fall Line Technical College                                  Stephanie Morris

Ogeechee Technical College                                            Jan Martin

Southeastern Technical College – Vidalia Campus          Tara Powell

Southern Regional Technical College – Moultrie              Buffie Arrington-Spencer

Southern Regional Technical College – Thomasville        Anthony Turpin

University Hospital                                                             Nancy Elliott

West GA Technical College – Douglas Campus               Dawn Purdy

West GA Technical College – LaGrange Campus            Carolyn Kiser-Whitt

Wiregrass Technical College – Valdosta Campus            Jennifer Ray


Georgia NON-JRCERT Accredited

Radiography Program

Southern Crescent Technical College                                Dana Bresser

Sonography Programs

Albany State University                                                     Kasey Davis

Cambridge College                                                           Cheryl Bandoo

Augusta Technical College                                               Kristi Flowers

Columbus Technical College                                             Regina Ridgley

GA Southern University – Armstrong                                Myka Busey.Campbell

Georgia Northwestern Technical College                          Nina Madden

Grady Health System                                                        Jessi Clark

Gwinnett Technical College                                               Kim Strong

Ogeechee Technical College                                            Tina Welch


Augusta Technical College                                                 Patricia Thomas

Cambridge College                                                             Cheryl Bandoo

Central Georgia Technical College                                     Casey Avery

Georgia Northwestern Technical College                           Nina Madden

Gwinnett Technical College                                                Kristen Buoy

Ogeechee Technical College                                             Tina Welch

Piedmont College                                                               Paul Braum


Cardiac Cath

GA Southern University – Armstrong Campus                    Erma Campbell

Augusta Technical College/University Hospital                   Patricia Thomas

Central Georgia Technical College                                      Casey Avery

Gwinnett Technical College                                                 Kristen Buoy

Computed Tomography

Central Georgia Technical      Jennifer Zeager

Emory University                                                                  Ted Brzinki

Gwinnett Technical College                                                 Jennifer Turner

Ogeechee Technical College                                               Matt Dunn

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Central Georgia Technical       Jennifer Zeager

Emory University                                                                   Ted Brzinki

Gwinnett Technical College                                                   Jennifer Turner

Ogeechee Technical College                                                 Capre Mitchell

Nuclear Medicine

Augusta University                                                                  Gregory Passmore

Georgia Southern                                                                    Rochelle Bornette-Lee

Radiation Therapy

Augusta University                                                                   Lynne Eggert

Georgia Southern University                                                    Pam Cartright

Grady Health System                                                               Kevin Kindle

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