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Committee Chairs

Karin Kinder

Annual Meeting 2017

The Annual Meeting Committee is charged with researching and bringing to the Board options for the site of the annual meeting.  Upon Board decision of the location, the committee is responsible for all details of the annual meeting including hotel accommodations, meal planning, and meeting arrangement speakers, official program, and communication to membership.

Chris Turner

Historian  / Exhibit Properties / Annual Committee

The Historian is charged with documenting activities of the G.S.R.T., Inc. for the year of service.  This includes collecting memorabilia from events, photographs of officers, and highlights of the annual meeting.  The Historian should have the ability to create digital archives.


Stuart Frew


The Legislative Committee is charged with reviewing and commenting on any legal, legislative or ethical issues concerning the G.S.R.T., Inc. or medical imaging in general and presenting relevant information to the Board and membership.    This committee interacts with other professional medical organizations and legislators and prepares regular reports and/or updates for the website.


Dawn Couch Moore


The Bylaws Committee is charged with reviewing the current bylaws for accuracy and drafting written reports of proposed amendments for presentation to the Board.  This committee ensures that G.S.R.T.,  Inc. bylaws are consistent with A.S.R.T. bylaws.



The Membership Committee is charged with maintaining and growing membership in the G.S.R.T., Inc. through the use of technology and creative marketing efforts.  Relationships with subordinate societies of the G.S.R.T., Inc. and medical imaging leaders throughout the state are vital to success.  This committee also works closely with state radiography programs to ensure a strong student membership.




The Nominating Committee is charged with preparing a slate of candidates for office in the G.S.R.T., Inc.  This process will consist of reviewing qualifications of potential candidates and ensuring the candidates have a thorough understanding of the position for which they are being nominated.  The committee will prepare biographical sketches and statements from the candidates and provide written communication of the choices to the membership. 

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee is charged with ensuring students are aware of professional opportunities, career pathways, and educational funding.  This communication occurs through strong relationships with the educational programs in the state.   This committee serves as liaison between the Society and its student members.

Susan Taylor


The Fundraising Committee is charged with organizing events that will defray G.S.R.T., Inc. operational expenditures.  This committee should research various methods of fundraising and be knowledgeable in rules regarding fundraising for a non-profit organization.  The committee is expected to organize at least one general fundraising endeavor each year.

Jim Sass

GRS Liaison

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Glenna Neumann
 Protocol Chairman

The Protocol Committee is charged with ensuring proper decorum and cordial treatment of guests and dignitaries at the G.S.R.T., Inc. Annual Meeting.  This committee ensures visiting speakers and G.S.R.T., Inc. participants are informed of proper protocol and procedures during meeting events.

Pat Rape


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